Saint Francis High School Summer Reading List 2017

This site highlights the 2017-2018 pre-requisite summer reading list for students attending Saint Francis High School 9th through 12th grades. English teachers will assess this reading during the beginning of the school year. It is important that students read the pre-requisite book(s) so that they are prepared for the 2017-2018 school year.

Specific books for each grade are listed under the Grade level on the left. Grade assignments are listed on the left.
For incoming students in grades 10,11, and 12, choose ONE of the following books listed for that grade level for summer reading. Of course, students are welcome to read more than one! AP English classes have different requirements. Teachers do have summer reading assignments which will be given to students before the year ends, and they will also be posted on Plus Portals.

Good Reads - Book Reviews

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