2017 Freshman Summer Reading Assignment for 9th Grade English

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9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

This summer you will be reading a biography, autobiography or memoir of your choice.
*Bring your book to summer school class on June 5, 2017.
For your book, you may choose from historical figures, leaders, politicians, scientists, artists, entertainers, politicians or coaches.
My hope is that you will learn more about people you respect or find interesting and that you may apply their life lessons to your own life. Self-discovery is a theme that you will be exploring throughout the school year. Who are you? Who do you want to be?
What is your plan for achieving your version of success?
Choose a book appropriate to your age and reading level.
Your book should be a full-length, well-written, serious book (as opposed to a short, fan biography) of 200 pages or more.

*Your assignment is to write a 4-page paper using the following format.
An additional page must have 2-3 pictures of this person. You must also include a title (Be creative.).
*Submit your paper as a Google Doc by sharing it with Mr. Funk.
You may submit your paper at any time throughout the summer. However,

*Your paper is due by the first day you have English (Composition) class.

Write an introductory paragraph that tells:

1. Who the person is you read about

2. The name of the book and date it was published

3. Why you chose to read about this particular person

4. What the person is known for

5. Why the person is important to you and others

Write 2-Body Paragraphs that describe:
  1. Major challenges and obstacles in your person’s life

  2. Major achievements of your person

*Describe these challenges and achievements in separate paragraphs. Establish a clear and effective focus in each paragraph.
Provide examples from the book.
Gather and include evidence from the books - examples, details and quotations to support your claims.
*Discuss the strategies used and details of how this person overcame these challenges to achieve what he/she did.
Example: Charles Schwab faced an obstacle that no one suspected.
He could not read. In his biography, A Life Well lived, he wrote, “I had to work harder than all my friends to overcome my disability. My parents found a school that specialized in reading disabilities.”
Write a concluding paragraph in which you identify and discuss:

1. Lessons you learned from this person’s life

2. How these lessons might relate to you own life now or in the future

3. How this person has inspired you and how reading this book has affected you

*This paragraph must include your personal opinions about this person and how you relate to this person.

*You will be presenting your paper the first week of school. Write notecards to remind you of what to speak about/teach our class. (You may not read your paper to the class.)
Please e-mail me @ tfunk@stfrancis-oahu.org if you have any questions.
I look forward to reading your paper and hearing your presentation.

Have a great summer!
Mr. Funk

9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment 2017